Dynasties of Ancient India

Aside from Maurya and Gupta lines, there were different traditions which were begun from Magadha,
Haryanka dynasty (544-413 BC)Shishunaga dynasty (413-345 BC)Nanda dynasty (424-321 BC)Haryanka dynasty :–Haryanka is the name of a new dynasty founded in Magadha by Bimbisara.Bimbisara founded the dynasty by defeating the  Brihadrathas.Bimbisara was a contemporary of Buddha.Pataliputra and Rajagriha were the capitals of Magadhan kingdom. Magadha falls in the Patna region of Bihar.Shishunaga Dynasty:-
Haryankas were overthrown by Sisunaga and he founded the Sisunaga dynasty there.Kalasoka the son and successor of Sisunaga was succeeded by Mahapadma Nanda and he founded the Nanda dynasty.Ajatasatru’s successor Udayin was the founder of the city of Pataliputra.Nanda Dynasty:-
The Nanda Empire was an ancient Indian dynasty originated from Magadha and was established in 424 BC.Mahapadma Nanda was the founder and the first king of the Nanda dynasty.He overthrew the Magadha dynasty and established …

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